Lioncast LK20 Gaming Keyboard

The competitive esports keyboard knows to own the game with a tenkeyless layout, plate mounted Cherry MX switches and intelligent illumination.



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Switch Color
Blue Brown
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Lioncast LK20

Performance oriented gaming keyboard without a numpad for maximum performance in a small package

Playing competitively plays an increasingly important role in gaming. Players want to compete with others and come into their full potential together with their team in a variety of games. The LK20 Mechanical Keyboard was created for performance oriented games and the LK20 is the ideal keyboard for any gamer who wants to get into eSports and get the best performance possible. With a small footprint, the LK20 offers a unique feel, as well as perfect workmanship. The keyboard doesn’t require any further software and is therefore immediately ready for use, thanks to plug & play – connect and go!

Cherry MX Switches
The king among mechanical switches

Cherry MX Switches, which have thrilled gamers for years. With more than 50 million keystrokes, Cherry MX switches provide durability and the best touch response in any application.

No NUM block
Maximum performance in the smallest space

The Tenkeyless design gives the LK20 a huge advantage over conventional keyboards. Small, compact, yet stable, it perfects the interaction between mouse and keyboard.

Lioncast LK20Full performance on smallest space

Smart illumination

By only lighting the WASD and arrow keys, the LK20 limits itself to the essentials. You can stay oriented even in the dark, but you can also turn off the lights for complete minimalistic gaming.

Multifunction keys
Intelligently placed media keys

Despite its small size, the LK20 possesses all the important media keys. All common commands can easily be executed via the practical double assignment of keys.

Switches Blue or Brown –  Cherry Switches
Speed 1.000Hz
Measures 355x140x25mm
Weight 1.300g
Anschluss USB

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