Fight as a team, win as a team!



Team play, communication and cooperation – those are the three pillars on which we base the brand Lioncast. In all areas, be it development, design, manufacturing or marketing, it is essential to act as a team and carry this spirit forward into our products. Together with the Lioncast Community we want to reanimate team spirit in a world of lone warriors because without team work there is rarely any gain at all. Even players with lower k/d ratios or supporters can be important and valuable contributors to the team. Whether you’re a jungler, supporter, tank or carry – we want to build a strong team with you!

You never win alone. Once you start believing something different, you start losing


Our booths on gaming events are realized with a lot of passion. We want to show our community how much blood, sweat and tears we invest in our fitted presentation. Together with you we want to create an unique experience.

Here you can find our most emotional pictures from our booths. Also you can check out our aftermovies, which are created to remember our awesome experience.

Dreamhack 2017 Aftermovie
ESL One Cologne 2017 Aftermovie
Dreamhack 2018 Aftermovie